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2 Dram Vials

Our 2 dram (7.5 ml) glass vial is the ultimate product for your glass packaging needs. Anywhere from pharmaceutical use to theme parties, this vial is the perfect fit.

Perfection brand vials have a wide variety of closure options for the 2 dram vial. They consist of F-217 foam liner, polycone, foil, PTFE (teflon) or dropper. A 15mm orifice reducer is an alternative dispensing option for this product.

This 2 Dram (1/4 oz.) vial is available in clear, amber, cobalt blue or emerald green. Clear provides impeccable visibility, amber protects material from overexposure to light and the green or blue gives a decorative touch. 

Capacity: 2 Dram - 1/4 Oz. - 7.5 ml
Size: 17 x 60 mm (.67 x 2.36 in.)
Cap Finish: 15 - 425
Color: Clear, Amber, Cobalt Blue, Emerald Green

An explanation of different types of closures you can put on your bottles/vials and the types of liners each closure has.


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