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3/4 Dram Vials

Our 3/4 dram glass vial is the perfect container for storing countless products. Whether it's to be used for religious or scientific purposes, you will find that this vial meets your needs. The vial has a industry standard continuous thread finish which means our product is compatible with any other product that uses a GPI thread finish.

These Perfection brand glass vials have a multitude of closure options. Your closure choices with this .75 dram vial are F-217 foam liner, polycone, foil, PTFE (Teflon).

In stock now and available for same day shipping, this is the latest addition to our Perfection Brand (TM) glass vials line and sold exclusively by Discount Vials. For large quantities, screen printing or more information please call us Toll Free at 866 509-1834.

Capacity: 3/4 Dram - 1/10 Oz. - 2.77 ml
Size: 15 x 38 mm (.6 x 1.5 in.)
Cap Finish: 13 - 425
Color: Clear

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