What is a Dram?
Specifically, a fluid dram (which differs from a weight-based dram) is the equivalent of 1/8 of an ounce or 3.7 ml. We carry US made Dram vials from 1/4 to 10 Dram (1/32 Oz. to 1.25 Ounce) Dram Vials.
When will my order ship?
In stock orders will ship within 24 hours. 
Will my bottles be sterile when I receive them?
Bottles are "factory clean" and come packed in plastic bags or cardboard trays but are not sterile.
Can I establish credit terms?
Sure! Open account terms of net 30 days are offered to firms listed and satisfactorily rated by Dun & Bradstreet. If your company is unrated, please send us three major trade references and the name and phone number of your bank. Once terms are established submit your Purchase Order via email to info@discountvials.com
I am buying from another supplier, but need better service, would you match or beat the price I am paying?
It’s our goal to provide the best service and prices. We would be more than happy to personalize a competitive quote for you, just contact us.
Help! I'm not sure what size vial/bottle I need.
Absolutely! Call or email our customer service specialists and we can help find just the right combination of container and closure for your product.
What if I need to cancel an order?
Please contact customer service if you need to cancel your order.
How can I talk to a live person?
Call us Toll Free at 866-509-1834 anytime between 8am and 4:30pm CST from Monday to Friday.
How do I track my order?
You will receive an Email as soon as your order ships with a clickable link to track your package. If you don't receive your tracking number please check your Spam folder. For more information you can always call our friendly customer service reps at 866 509-1834.
What is your reutrn policy?
Our return policy is detailed here
Do you Ship to Canada?
We do! We use both UPS and USPS. If you have a relationship with a Customs Broker that you would like to use, please call customer service Toll Free from Canada at 866 509-1834 for assistance.