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At Discount Vials, we pride ourselves on being a family-oriented business that provides excellent customer service. Everyone at Discount Vials works as a team to ensure our customers receive high quality products when and how they want them. In addition to specific duties, our team shares many responsibilities in order to deliver you the very best. Feel free to contact us if you have any comments or questions.


Kelly has been by her dad's side at Discount Vials since the beginning. She knows the business inside and out. After receiving her History degree at UW-Madison, Kelly moved to France where she lived with her sister for two years. When she returned to Madison, she re-joined the family business in 2014 and in 2023 became a part of the Discount Vials Basco venture.


In addition to being a voracious reader, Kelly is active in exciting ventures like scuba diving and tap dancing.


Kelly is a part of the marketing force, working to make sure we're offering the very best product selection for our customer and helping customers find us. An accomplished personal chef, she still manages to find time to cook and host dinner parties for her friends and family.


Joe has been with Basco for over 29 years in various roles and is now settled into customer service. He has applied his education in business and accounting to every aspect of his career and is an invaluable resource to customers and colleagues alike. His expertise in the packaging industry is a huge addition to the Discount Vials team.


When not working hard to keep customers’ requests fulfilled, he spends his time with his children and grandchildren. His favorite ways to relax are with a good book, fishing, and working out. 


Joe’s personal motto is “Your day is what you make it, so make it a great day!” And we can’t wait for Joe to make our customer’s day great as well.   


Rhonda spent 35 years in the trucking industry, even becoming a Certified Transportation Broker, before joining Discount Vials three years ago. From accounting and payroll to preparing quotes, she has touched all the day-to-day office duties. Rhonda accepted the position of Branch Manager in February 2023 and is leading the charge in our next phase of growth


After adopting two dogs from the Wisconsin Border Collie Rescue, Rhonda and her husband fostered seven dogs and she became the Secretary, Treasurer of the organization.


Rhonda is an amateur musician and can play the flute and the piano. She sings in her church choir and was a member of a Sweet Adeline women's barbershop quartet. She also loves horses which made her more comfortable learning to drive a motorcycle before a car.


Christine joined the Basco family in 2020, and brought with her 25 years of experience in customer service. Whether you call her Christine, Chris, or Christina she knows how to get you exactly the information and product you’re looking for. Her role includes Basco support as well as support for small glass packaging at the Jar Store, so she’s been a natural fit for Discount Vials products and people. 


Outside of work Christine fills her time to the max: as a musician, she switches it up between drums, guitar and keys; as a photographer and videographer; and to round that all out, is a motivational speaker. But before all of that Christine is first and foremost a foster carer. 


Christine’s seemingly limitless energy and multitasking ability has proven her the perfect fit for the addition of Discount Vials to the Basco family. She’s able to provide customer the full cross selection of information and product solution.


Nahlee began working for Discount Vials in November 2020 and was instantly drawn to the family friendly atmosphere. As a working mom, she appreciates the understanding of family values and flexible hours that give her the opportunity to take care of her own family. 


Nahlee loves fishing with her family and is an excellent cook (particularly her homemade egg rolls that she so graciously brings to the office).


Using bubble wrap, biodegradable peanuts and some old school Tetris skills, she ensures every customer receives their orders correctly, safely and efficiently. A truly caring person, Nahlee takes a lot of pride in her job, making sure each customer is happy.


Dontaea is not only a recent addition to the Discount Vials customer service team, but recent to the Basco team as well! From the very beginning her experience has been a full integration of Basco, The Jar Store, and Discount Vials as a unified team bringing the full range of container sizes to the customers who need them. 


Dontaea’s kind and calm energy benefits everyone around her, either in the office or over the phone. Already she has proven to be a quick study, a leader in problem solving, and an all-around joy to be around.


We’re so excited that the Discount Vial customer gets to know Dontaea with the rest of us; welcome to the customer service family! 


Joanne’s career has spanned multiple positions and all of them contribute to the accumulated knowledge base she uses to support customers. She’s been with Basco for years and has excelled with the addition of Discount product line and customer base. 


Joanne is mother to 4, grandmother to 5, and cat mom to 2, and pet sitter to anyone to asks! Her love of animals is infinite; unfortunately, living space isn’t and so she has to make do with pet sitting. 


An avid crafter, Joanne has loved learning about different applications of Discount Vials products and helping customers find the perfect container for their needs.