All About Closures

Droppers and caps and orifice reducers...oh my!


Not sure which cap style to select?

  • F217: Our "standard" closure. Appropriate for the vast majority of applications. Polypropylene shell with general-purpose liner of compressible polyethylene foam, great combination of chemical resistance and odor/taste resistance. Not an airtight seal, but generally leak resistant with low moisture transmission rate.
  • POLYCONE: Phenolic (thermoset plastic resin) outer shell with cone-shaped LDPE (low-density polyethylene) insert which offers an extra level of leak protection.
  • TEFLON-LINED (PTFE): The ultimate in product safety! Autoclavable totally inert inner seal and surface facing your sample or product.
  • FOIL-LINED: Typically used for food applications, free from odor or taste concerns. Also useful for non-acid, non-alkaline products, organic solvents, chrome cleaners, brake fluids and essential oils.
  • CHILD RESISTANT: Conventional push-to-open style with either raised lettering or graphic design. Many sizes available in black or white.
  • ORIFICE REDUCERS: Available for our 13, 15 and 18 mm caps to help control the amount of liquid dispensed from your container.


Lots of options to choose from

  • Droppers are available for bottles and vials ranging from 1 dram (4 ml, or 1/8 oz.) to 120 ml (4 oz.)
  • Bulb material may be natural or synthetic rubber
  • Glass pipettes exclusively, available in a variety of lengths to fit your vial or bottle
  • Graduated / calibrated pipettes are available for easy measuring or metered dosing
  • Child-resistant (push-to-open) and/or tamper-evident droppers available with standard or graduated pipette
  • "Super" droppers available for Euro bottles: child-resistant + tamper-evident + graduated pipette

Other Closure Options

We've got you covered!

  • Brush caps in black or white
  • Fine mist sprayers in black or white
  • Roller balls to fit 5, 10 and 30 ml bottles (steel balls for thicker liquids, plastic balls for less viscous products)
  • Perfume sampler plugs in natural or black, with or without card clips and/or applicator wands