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Boston Round Bottles


Boston Round bottles are one of the most recognizable container shapes available. The classic "Winchester" bottle shape can be seen in the earliest examples of small threaded glass bottles. Our heavy walled, Boston Round Bottles are strong, sturdy, and reliable.

All bottles come complete with high quality black closures featuring a tough polypropylene outer shell and sturdy 3 ply F-217 foam liner. Many sizes are also available with a wide variety of closure options including Phenolic, Child Resistant (CR), Teflon, Foil and cone lined caps as well as regular and Child resistant droppers, fine mist sprayers and brush caps.

Stocked in clear, amber, and cobalt blue glass in sizes from a small 1/2oz (15 ml) version up to 8oz (240 ml). Bottles are available coated in Matte Black, Milk White, & Frosted. Pallet quantities are available to ship from multiple locations, call your sales representative Toll Free @ 866 509-1834 or send an Email to for piecing and availability. Before anything else, it's your container and packaging that your customer will see. 

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An explanation of different types of closures you can put on your bottles/vials and the types of liners each closure has.


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