Boston Round or Euro Bottle

What's the Difference?

Boston Round Bottles

The Classic Bottle

  • Slightly bigger around to accommodate a full 4" label
  • Molded type III soda lime glass
  • Neck finish increases with volume, allowing for easier dispensing
  • Use shrink band for tamper evidence
  • Sizes range from 1/2 oz. to 16 oz.
  • Variety of colors available
  • Many closure options, including caps, droppers, sprayers and brush caps
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Euro Bottles

A Modern Alternative

  • Slightly slimmer, more modern silhouette
  • Molded type III soda lime glass
  • All sizes use standard 18-415 DIN neck finish
  • Tamper evidence integrated into caps and droppers – one step, one piece!
  • Sizes range from 5 ml to 100 ml
  • Variety of colors available
  • Orifice reducer ("dropper") insert available with child-resistant or tamper-evident cap
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