Above and Beyond: Quality Control

Posted by Discount Vials on Nov 17, 2022

Neither human nor machine is without flaws. To ensure you receive undamaged products that are securely packaged and shipped, Discount Vials performs a comprehensive series of quality control (QC) checks.

Receiving with Laura

Quality control checks begin the moment pallets of product are received in our warehouse. Laura performs a quick visual assessment to determine where she needs to take a closer look. Boxes with even a hint of damage are set aside for further inspection. Doing this immediate scan saves time and energy in the future.

Packaging with Amanda

Our quality control checks continue into the packaging room where Amanda prepares your glass vials and bottles. She pays close attention to each product looking for any potential cracks or breaks. Only the best products are packaged and moved into the warehouse for storage.

Picking with Zoe

Once you place your order, Zoe heads to the warehouse to collect your items. Packaged products are again checked for imperfections and inspected for breakage. Any potentially damaged items are replaced with new products before moving to our shipping department.


Shipping with Nahlee

Eagle-eyed Nahlee completes one final QC check just prior to your items being shipped. Glass is carefully placed under a bright light to examine for any small cracks. Every product is double checked to ensure it was packaged and picked correctly. Before receiving the final stamp of approval, all orders are checked to make sure each item ordered is included in the package.

Confidence and Pride

Discount Vials takes great pride in delivering high quality glass products that arrive safely and fully intact. Glass can be a very fragile product; however, we are confident that our extensive quality control checks ensure you receive only the best. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments and follow us on Facebook for more information.