Dram vs Gram: Learning the Difference

Posted by Discount Vials on Dec 16, 2022

Dram and gram. They sound the same and both are units of measurement. But they are actually quite different. When deciding what size glass container is best for your products, it is important to understand that difference. 

At Discount Vials, we always refer to dram as a liquid volume unit and gram as a unit of weight.

What Is a Dram?

Discount Vials products are described using the fluid dram, which is equal to 1/8th oz. or 3.7mL. Our website has a handy dram conversion calculator to simplify complicated conversions.

Our 1 dram glass vial, very close in size to a standard AA battery, is perfect for holding small amounts of liquids or samples of essential oils. We estimate each 1 dram vial holds between 50 and 75 drops but this varies depending on the thickness and viscosity of the liquid or oil.

What Is a Gram?

Products at Discount Vials are described using gram as a unit of weight measurement, specifically it is equivalent to one-thousandth of a kilogram.

Common items that weigh around one gram:

  • small metal paper clip
  • stick of chewing gum
  • pen cap
  • dollar bill

Gram vs Dram

In the most basic sense, grams generally measure solids and fluid drams measure liquids. Many people wonder how many grams are in a fluid dram or how much of a product can they put in a vial. This depends entirely on the properties and characteristics of the product.

Can it be squeezed and compressed like cotton balls? Or is it solid and unyielding like gold? Think of the old riddle, "What weighs more, a pound of gold or a pound of feathers?"

Most liquids translate well with 1ml of water equal to 1 gram. Oil and balms are denser, thus less volume per gram, while alcohols and gases are less dense requiring more room to hold a gram.

Still not sure? Give us a call.

If converting your solid or liquid products into drams still feels overwhelming, feel free to email us or call 866-509-1834. We are happy to provide more information or any product samples to help with your decision.