Tamper Evident Closures: The Basics

Posted by Discount Vials on Sep 13, 2022

Tamper-evident closures are a quick and easy way for consumers to see if a product has been opened, used or altered. Common closures providing tamper evidence include seals, tamper-evident tape, shrink bands and security rings.

Tamper Evident Caps and Droppers

Many tamper-evident caps and droppers include a break-away security ring that works by incorporating a perforated band connected to the closure. To open the container, the cap must break away from the band, which remains on the bottle.

As there is no way to reattach the security band once removed, these closures give consumers confidence the product is safe and intact. These caps usually take a little more strength and dexterity than regular caps. This helps deter children from opening the products but doesn't prevent them from gaining access.

Tamper Evident Shrink Bands

Tamper Evident Shrink BandsShrink bands are plastic sleeves that slide over a container to provide visual reassurance your product has not been tampered with. Benefits include:

  • easy, cost-effective method of providing tamper evident protection
  • clean, professional look
  • helps ensure your products are safe and acceptable for retail distribution
  • easily applied with a heat source
  • must be removed before the container can be opened

Discount Vials offers convenient bundles of 250 shrink bands that feature a vertical perforation for customer-friendly removal. 

Difference Between Tamper Evident and Child Resistant

CBD ProductsTamper-evident packaging doesn't necessarily protect the product from being compromised; it protects the consumer from unknowingly using a compromised product. It is designed to be difficult to open but does not provide a visual indicator if the container or product has been altered.

Unlike a tamper-evident closure, a child resistant closure (CRC) could be opened and reclosed, making it appear like the product was never opened.

Products that are potentially harmful, such as chemicals, cleaners and medicines likely require child-resistant closures. Many other products benefit from using both a tamper evident seal and CRC, including CBD and cannabis products, essential oils and serums. 

Find Out More About Tamper Evident Closures

Discount Vials has a vast supply of both tamper-evident closures and child resistant caps. When used in conjunction, you achieve the ultimate protection for both your customer and your product. Call us at 866-509-1834 with any questions or to find out more. We can provide samples to make sure you have the right closure and shrink band combination.